Today Weather:Data by NOAA/NWS

Today Weather:Data by NOAA/NWS

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Experience Weather Tracking Like Never Before

Forget clunky, information-overload weather apps. Today Weather offers a fresh, intuitive interface that lets you see everything you need at a glance.

Key features

Packed with Essential Information

  • Current and future forecasts: Stay ahead of the curve with detailed weather data for your current location and upcoming days.
  • Environmental factors: Protect your health with UV index and air quality readings.
  • Visual radar: Track storms and precipitation in real-time with satellite imagery.

Never Get Caught Off Guard

  • Precise alerts: Receive timely notifications about rain, snow, and other weather events, including rain percentage and severity.
  • Detailed data: Get the full picture with humidity, pressure, wind speed, and more.

Explore the World Weather

  • Global coverage: Plan your next trip with ease by checking weather conditions in any location worldwide.
  • Seamless transition: Access all the same detailed information for other locations, just like for your own.

Stay Informed on the Go

  • Customizable widgets: Add weather updates directly to your home screen for instant access.
  • Multiple widget options: Choose the perfect size and style to match your needs.

Today Weather is your one-stop shop for all things weather. With its powerful features, intuitive design, and convenient widgets, it will become your go-to app for staying informed and prepared. Download Today Weather today and experience the future of weather tracking!

Today Weather:Data by NOAA/NWS

Today Weather:Data by NOAA/NWS


For: Android,


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