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Nox Cleaner: Your Phone’s Ultimate Cleanup Companion

Nox Cleaner application is an extremely necessary application for your Android phone, with features that help optimize performance, reduce pressure on the phone and save battery capacity. Helps you understand the status, protect your phone, and minimize the risk of damage from malware. Especially for game players, this is an indispensable application, helping you reduce load, save battery and increase performance.

Outstanding Features that Make Nox Cleaner Stand Out

  • Delete junk files, free up space: Nox Cleaner can completely remove junk files that slow down your phone. With a powerful analysis mechanism, it helps increase your phone’s memory capacity by scanning junk, applications, downloaded files, search history, clipboard content, and you can also delete cache from other files. social networking apps like without worrying about accidentally deleting files
  • Virus removal: Nox Clear Protect your phone from malware, ads or accessing virus-containing online sites at any time. With just a simple operation, your phone will be safe from potential threats when playing games or surfing the web. Nox Cleaner is a great solution to protect you.
  • Ram Booster: Processor (Ram) overload makes your phone heavy. Now with Nox Cleaner you can free up memory & make your phone lighter and faster. As well as increasing game processing speed, Android users can comfortably experience many heavy games more smoothly.
  • App lock: The app lock function on Nox Cleaner provides users with absolute security, no one can access your private apps unless you allow it. You can use pattern, fingerprint and digital password to lock the app easily and quickly
  • Cool down the CPU, speed up the game: You feel uncomfortable when playing games for a while and your phone starts to heat up, now with Nox Cleaner the application can detect applications that heat up the phone. This function can control and cool down the phone’s CPU to help you play games for a long time without worrying.
  • Block application notifications: Block Nox Cleaner notifications, unnecessary notifications will be blocked and grouped in one place for faster and more effective cleaning. Activate Notification blocking to protect instant messages from snooping, making your phone run faster and smoother

General reviews of the application


  • Clean up junk data, free up more memory space
  • Limit battery draining applications, save battery when in use
  • Kill viruses smartly and quickly
  • Protect user information on applications and phones


  • Occasional pop-up ads
  • Some features require premium subscription
  • May not be compatible with all Android versions

With the convenient features on Nox Cleaner, it will definitely be an indispensable application for Android users, with optimization and performance of your beloved phone, bringing great experiences with your phone. phone. Download Nox Cleaner now to protect your phone, as well as to enjoy heavy games easily on your Smart Phone.


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