X-VPN – Private Browser VPN

X-VPN – Private Browser VPN

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X-VPN: Your Gateway to a Secure and Private Internet

Tired of online restrictions and privacy concerns? X-VPN is your answer! With servers in over 50 locations and nearly 10,000 server clusters, you’ll experience blazing-fast speeds and unparalleled security no matter where you are in the world.

Key features

Effortless Connection & Speed:

  • Connect & Go: Instantly access the web with a tap, no complex setup needed.
  • Global Network: 50+ locations & 10,000+ servers for blazing-fast connections.
  • Uninterrupted Play: Stream, game, and browse smoothly without buffering or lag.

Unmatched Security & Privacy:

  • Military-Grade Encryption: Protect your data from prying eyes and hackers.
  • Strict No-log Policy: We never track or store your online activity.
  • Automatic Kill Switch: Stay safe even if the connection drops.
  • Advanced DNS Leak Protection: Your true location remains hidden.
  • IP Checker: Verify your secure connection at any time.

Premium Advantage:

  • Unlimited Data & Servers: Access everything, everywhere, without restrictions.
  • Stable Connection: Enjoy seamless browsing even during network issues.

Built-in Browser:

  • Enhanced Privacy: Surf privately within the app, leaving no trace.
  • Convenient & Optimized: Enjoy a streamlined browsing experience.
  • Clear Cache & Data: Easily remove browsing history for added peace of mind.

X-VPN: Your all-in-one solution for a secure, private, and speedy internet experience. Download now and experience the difference!

X-VPN – Private Browser VPN

X-VPN – Private Browser VPN


For: Android,


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