Video Editor & Maker- My Movie

Video Editor & Maker- My Movie

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My Movie: Revamped and Ready to Rule Video Editing

My Movie isn’t just another video editing app – it’s a trendsetting powerhouse designed to take your creativity to the next level. We’ve poured our hearts and expertise into a brand-new update that’s packed with powerful features, a sleek interface, and bug fixes galore. Get ready to say goodbye to boring videos and hello to stunning masterpieces that’ll have everyone talking!

Key features

Effortless Video Cropping

  • Upload your video and let our intuitive cutting tool do the heavy lifting. Split clips with ease, maintain HD quality, and craft the perfect vlog, presentation, or cinematic gem. Pro-level results in just a tap!

Short Film Fusion

  • Mix and match those special moments with our seamless short film integration. Choose from pre-set transitions or customize your own, creating a cohesive masterpiece that’s anything but ordinary. Quality guaranteed, every time.

Text, Stickers, and More

  • Need to add some witty commentary or a laugh-out-loud meme? My Movie lets you incorporate text and stickers with ease. Choose from unique animations and trendy stickers to make your video pop. Express yourself, one sticker at a time!

Filter Frenzy

  • My Movie is your personal stylist for the video world. We’ve got a spectrum of filters, from vintage vibes to modern marvels. Spice things up with animated effects and fine-tune the color palette with our handy toolbar. Get ready to turn heads with your cinematic flair!

Speed It Up or Slow It Down

  • Fast-forward the excitement or savor the slow burn. My Movie gives you complete control over video speed. Adjust it forward, backward, fast, or slow to create dynamic compositions that captivate your audience. Be the master of time!

Soundtrack Sensation

  • Elevate your video with the perfect soundtrack. My Movie lets you add music or sound effects with ease. Choose from our free library of tunes or import your own. Get ready to set the mood and make your video sing!

Multi-Frame Magic

  • Think outside the box (or frame)! My Movie lets you split your screen into four or customize your own layout. Unleash your inner auteur and craft visually stunning masterpieces. The possibilities are endless!

Save, Share, and Shine

  • Once you’ve perfected your video, save it to your device and share it with the world. Let your loved ones be amazed by your editing prowess! My Movie – the app that’s sure to spark a new video editing craze!

Welcome to the My Movie Family:

We’re more than just an app – we’re a community of passionate creators. Join us and experience the joy of video editing. Discover a treasure trove of professional templates and tools, stay ahead of the curve, and become a media sensation! We’re constantly collecting feedback and improving, so please leave a review – your voice matters!

So, what are you waiting for? Download My Movie today and unleash your inner filmmaker!

Video Editor & Maker- My Movie

Video Editor & Maker- My Movie


For: Android,


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