Video Editor with Music Filmix

Video Editor with Music Filmix

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Make Movies You Won’t Forget with Music Filmix: Your Video Editing Powerhouse

Capture life’s precious moments. Turn fleeting snapshots into captivating videos with Music Filmix, the video editor that’s easy to use yet packed with features. Share your creations with loved ones, friends, and the world.

Key features

  • Transform videos: with tools like cropping and speed adjustment. Merge photos into animated slideshows, bringing memories back to life. Then, infuse your videos with personality by adding perfectly matched music from a vast library of licensed songs.
  • Weave together your story: Trim down long videos or stitch separate clips into seamless montages. Capture your child’s growth or witness the blossoming of a flower, condensed to shareable masterpieces. Split clips without sacrificing quality, and keep your audience engaged.
  • Express yourself in every detail: Music Filmix takes the hassle out of video editing. Customize video speed for dramatic effects or slow-motion moments. Record voiceovers to personalize your creations. You’re in control, from start to finish.
  • Create visuals that wow: Enhance your footage with our extensive filter library, tailoring each segment to perfectly suit the mood. Fine-tune every parameter for color harmony and visual brilliance. Make your videos pop and leave a lasting impression.
  • Find the perfect soundtrack: Add licensed music for any occasion, from romantic ballads to festive holiday tunes. Customize tracks for a perfect fit, or download additional songs from our vast library. Make your videos sing!
  • Personalize with text and drawings: Infuse your videos with artistic flair by adding text overlays. Draw on slideshows for extra detail. Choose from diverse fonts, languages, colors, and positioning. Let your videos speak from the heart.
  • Share your masterpieces anywhere: Music Filmix ensures optimal quality for sharing. Customize video size and aspect ratio for different platforms. Transfer your creations directly to any social network without sacrificing a pixel. Even compress videos for easy uploading – the choice is yours.

Start creating unforgettable movies today. Music Filmix empowers you to tell your story with stunning visuals, personalized touches, and the perfect soundtrack. Download now and unleash your inner filmmaker!

Video Editor with Music Filmix

Video Editor with Music Filmix


For: Android,


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