VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

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Available for: Android, iOS,

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Android, iOS,

VSCO – All-in-one image and video editing application

VSCO is a famous photo editing application released in 2013 by VSCO on Android and iOS platforms. This application possesses many features to support photo and video editing tasks on mobile, such as filter store, tools to adjust photo parameters, color, border, HSL, adjust saturation, brightness, contrast… Furthermore, users can also join the app’s creative community to share photos, videos and articles with friends.

Outstanding features

  • Photo Filters (Presets): One of the things that makes this application stand out is its extremely rich collection of more than 200 Presets. These filters help you edit photos much faster and more professionally than when using normal applications. Just one touch to choose the desired Preset to turn raw photos into works of art like a professional photographer or editor.
  • Professional photo editing tools: VSCO provides many advanced photo editing tools, allowing you to customize brightness, contrast, color, crop, rotate, border and perform many other tasks. As a video editor, this app has HSL for adjusting white balance and experimenting with color space. You will find filters, stickers, music, etc. to freely customize your photos and videos. In addition, you can also share your works with the art enthusiast community

  • Space – internal social network: Coming to VSCO, you can join the internal social network, called Space. This is where you can share photos and discover works of art from a community of users. People can interact with each other through clicking “like”, commenting and following other accounts. This creates a positive online environment, encouraging creativity and exchange among community members.
  • Your own studio: Studio is a space to store and manage users’ photos on the VSCO Pro application. It allows you to organize and organize your edited photos and supports photo library synchronization between multiple devices. Users can also search for photos, review and share photos easily anytime, anywhere.
  • Simple GIF maker: With a photography app you may not find the GIF creation feature. However, VSCO has brought this feature to the application of the same name. With GIF images, you can preserve funny moments of relatives, friends,…

General assessment of the application


  • Diverse presets, helping you edit quickly.
  • Simple photo editing tool.
  • Support creating Gif images.
  • Edit videos easily.


  • Free for 7 days and you have to pay to continue using
  • The GIF image feature is only available on iOS, Android is not supported (but still supports Xiaomi).

In short, VSCO is a versatile application for those who are passionate about image and video editing. Intuitive editing tools, high-quality filters, and engaged community make it an appealing choice for both new photographers and seasoned artists.Join the creative community create, unlock your artistic potential, and capture the world through the lens of VSCO. Download the app now and start your journey more intuitively than ever.

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor


For: Android, iOS,


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