Weather Radar RainViewer

Weather Radar RainViewer

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Android, iOS,

RainViewer: Your All-in-One Weather Radar App

Ditch the TV news and say hello to accurate, real-time weather information at your fingertips! RainViewer is the ultimate weather notification app for everyone, from casual planners to adventure seekers.

Key features

Know Before It Rains (or Snows!)

  • Accurate forecasts: Whether it’s a snowstorm brewing or a light drizzle, RainViewer keeps you informed with detailed weather predictions for your location and beyond.
  • 90-minute storm tracking: Stay ahead of the curve with precise forecasts of storm movement in the next hour and a half.
  • Global coverage: With over 1,000 radars worldwide, RainViewer brings you the weather picture wherever you are.

Plan Your Day with Confidence

  • Hourly rainfall: Prepare for your day with precise hourly rainfall predictions for your area, available in over 90 countries.
  • Saved locations: Add your home, work, or any frequent destinations to easily access their weather forecasts on the go.
  • No more weather disruptions: RainViewer helps you plan seamless commutes and stress-free business trips, always keeping you informed about the weather on your route.

Beautiful Design Meets Easy Understanding

  • Intuitive graphics: RainViewer’s weather icons are clear and colorful, making it easy to grasp the forecast at a glance. A sunny icon means sunshine, no need to decipher complex symbols!
  • 24/7 view: Get a complete picture with hourly forecasts for 24 hours and a detailed overview for the entire week. No more confusion, just clear weather intel.

Stay Informed, Anywhere, Anytime

  • Real-time rain alerts: Receive instant notifications about rain wherever you are, ensuring you’re always prepared.
  • Customizable alerts: Set up separate notifications for your favorite locations to stay on top of the weather where it matters most.
  • At-a-glance updates: View the weather forecast over time directly on your home screen, without even opening the app.

Share the Weather Fun

  • Social sharing: Spread the weather news with your loved ones! Share animated weather images on social media platforms.
  • Personalize your view: Choose from 16 different weather color styles to match your taste.

RainViewer: The Weather App That Has It All

  • Global units: RainViewer adapts to your location, displaying weather measurements in the units you’re familiar with.
  • Night mode: Keep your eyes comfortable even after dark with RainViewer’s convenient night mode.
  • Bonus features: RainViewer is packed with additional perks, including ad-free viewing, the ability to save up to 10 favorite locations, and extended forecasts for 48 hours and 14 days.

Download RainViewer today and experience the future of weather forecasting!

Weather Radar RainViewer

Weather Radar RainViewer


For: Android, iOS,


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