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WePlay – Game & Party

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WePlay – Entertainment and chat

WePlay is a voice-based Party Game (chat, make friends, play games) application that young people love. The app provides the most popular casual party games and allows gamers to interact with each other by voice, enjoying more fun while playing and talking. WePlay helps you forget the troubles and stress in life by immersing yourself in a world of games with other people and chatting with them.

Interesting features

Online party game counter, meet new people

  • WeParty: An engaging social deduction game where civilians and killers compete against each other.
  • Mic Grab: New model for Mic Grab and lots of catchy songs. If you love singing, you can’t miss this game.
  • Who’s the Spy: A classic game for you to play against your friends.
  • Draw & Guess: The game not only tests your creativity but also your drawing and teamwork skills.
  • Werewolf: A deduction game in which players must figure out the truth and lies to survive.

Interactive features

  • Voice chat and messaging: Satisfy yourself by singing and participating in the gift battle.
  • Change images and costumes: Create 3D images, faces, clothing models, express your personality.
  • Weddings and rooms: Have a church wedding and invite friends to witness every precious, sweet moment.
  • Family and advisors: Make many friends and receive many free benefits. Challenge yourself with interactive family missions and mentoring.
  • Interesting moments: The sexiest guys and girls are here. Follow interesting topics and share your moments.

Play games, sing, chat and do many fun things with new friends. In WePlay, there are always funny and friendly people waiting for you!

WePlay – Game & Party

WePlay – Game & Party


For: Android, iOS,


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