Yeetalk – Chat, Talk & Learn

Yeetalk – Chat, Talk & Learn

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Yeetalk – Learning social network

Yeetalk is a chat application, a social network that allows you to make friends, chat and video chat directly with people from different countries around the world. Through interacting with foreign friends, you can learn about the unique cultures and lifestyles of each region.

Outstanding features

To help people chat more easily even if they don’t speak the same language, YeeTalk is integrated with a powerful translation tool that supports translation in up to 103 different languages. This feature will translate any language you don’t understand into your native language instantly, helping conversations between two strangers go smoothly and without barriers.

As a social network that connects you with international friends, joining Yeetalk is a great way to learn foreign languages and practice speaking with native speakers. The application creates a perfect communication environment for you to practice your speaking and reflexes. By connecting people from different cultures and backgrounds, you can expand your horizons and better understand the world.

In Yee Talk, you can join a 2-person chat, with another user as a matchmaking application, or you can also join a multi-person chat room, listen to their chat conversation and connect Friend.

  • Chat with local people, explore diverse life experiences in each country, different regions around the world, and make interesting new friends.
  • Share your story and listen to others’ stories about all areas of life.
  • Learn new languages more easily and naturally with native speakers for free.
  • Supports instant translation of 103 different languages into your mother tongue, eliminating language barriers when communicating between people in different countries.
Yeetalk – Chat, Talk & Learn

Yeetalk – Chat, Talk & Learn


For: Android, iOS,


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