Lightleap by Lightricks

Lightleap by Lightricks

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Android, iOS,

Lightleap by Lightricks – All-in-one photo and video editing application

With a photo and video editing tool like Lightleap, you cannot ignore it. The application helps you edit photos and videos with many unique, smart effects, filters, and photo editing tools. Lightleap will help you add cloud effects, light bulbs and special color filters for every space, food, and drink.

Outstanding features

  • Change and add clouds to outdoor photos: During picnics, or outdoor photos you take with a sky that is not as expected. Rest assured, Lightleap will help you remove and add cloud effects simply and quickly. Here, the dashboard will display options for the cloud to be more vivid and professional with just one click.
  • Hundreds of special effects: Lightleap brings you hundreds of special effects such as heart scenes, shimmering lights, magical lights,… helping you quickly turn your photos into professional ones. Fast, simple.
  • Add effects to photos easily: Lightleap possesses special effects on the sky, lights, and stars that are very special and you just need to be creative and choose accordingly without needing additional editing.
  • Hundreds of unique photo filters: You will find the right color filter for your portrait photos, photos of your travels, cafes, food, and drinks at Lightleap, a diverse application of Color filters such as filters for vivid photos, sunlight, contrast, photo detail…
  • Fully integrated color correction tools from basic to advanced: You will find basic to advanced photo color correction tools at Lightleap. Basic photo editing tools are built-in such as contrast, light, sharpness, saturation,… you will be more impressed with snowfall effects, hearts, fireworks, etc. New effects are updated regularly and quickly.

Lightleap is a smart replacement for your camera apps. Many special effects are integrated into the application, helping you become a professional photographer with just one click.

Lightleap by Lightricks

Lightleap by Lightricks


For: Android, iOS,


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