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AfterDoom – Post-apocalyptic survival game

AfterDoom is a survival game set in a world that has come to an end, zombies are raging everywhere, the population has decreased by 90% and everywhere has become desolate. Food shortages, lack of supplies, lack of ammunition, threats from radiation, cold, mutant creatures… threaten the remaining survivors.


AfterDoom offers you a strategically engaging gameplay experience where you traverse diverse landscapes and collect essential resources, while properly managing your energy reserves. The energy system in After Doom is well designed allowing you to make tactical decisions, choosing areas to explore while completing daily missions and available missions.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrill of playing AfterDoom, where every decision you make counts, and enjoy the excitement of this exciting game.

Play tips

  • In this harsh world full of dangers and opportunities, exploring different areas and gathering resources is the only way to ensure survival.
  • When faced with an unexpected event, what are your options?
  • Battles can happen at any time, and the best fighting skills will help you survive.
  • Players will need a tent, a fire, and a few people they can trust to support them when needed.
  • Knowledge is power and continuous learning will help you a lot. Practice and practice, hard work will pay off.
  • In your free time, grow food because you can’t always collect food.
  • Things that you make yourself are always easy to use.
  • People’s positions on the team depend on their professional orientation.
  • With waves of zombies coming, how many people choose to fight together?
  • Encountering a strange camp, is it good or bad? You need to determine.
  • When you meet certain people, you can turn them into friends. When you have many friends, a community is formed. With a large enough community of people, we can rebuild the world.

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