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About game

If you’re uncertain about which game to explore during your breaks, consider as a perfect choice. It offers an opportunity to compete with millions of players worldwide without any restrictions. Your goal is to appropriate your opponent’s color territories to expand your own cell. Can you become the player with the most substantial cell globally? Initially, the player must control the tiny cells they own, facing the stressful mission of both defending their cell and strategically attacking others.

Key features

What’s new in the mistletoe?

We’ve made improvements and introduced new features to enhance your gaming experience. The latest version includes a new feature related to mistletoe, where a world filled with mistletoe suddenly appears. This environment contains unique tokens that you can collect from anywhere in the arena.

Tokens and potion mix

These distinct tokens are not exclusive to mistletoe; you can also find peculiar potions in various locations. While the potion’s exterior may seem simple, its contents are complex, containing the valuable tokens. These special keys can unlock rewards for the player, contributing to’s vibrant and spectacular rewarding system.

Upgrade your adventure with the golden road goes beyond the basics by introducing the Golden Road feature. You can acquire it through excellent promotional opportunities, including obtaining it through previously earned awards. Acquiring the Golden Road elevates your Christmas journey to an advanced level and provides automatic access to exclusive in-game goodies.

Express yourself with emoticons

The introduction of new emoticons adds scenes and actions, allowing you to express a wide range of emotions in unusual situations. provides a systematic arrangement of these icons, offering freedom of choice and expression in any arena.

Daily video watching for potion effects

Potions play a significant role in, and anyone can own them by watching recommended daily videos. Initially requiring payment, these potions are now available for free by following the suggested video instructions. Additionally, watching videos can speed up your unlocking process.

Law of the jungle: the strong prey on the weak

In this competitive environment, the principle is clear: the strong prey on the weak. Being small and weak makes you a lucrative target for the more dominant players. To survive, players must protect their territories, emphasizing the importance of expanding and fortifying their homes.

Absorb nutrition daily for faster development

To rapidly expand your cell, consider the option of regularly consuming food and drinks within the game. Absorbing nutrients accelerates cell growth, ensuring you stay alive and avoid becoming a delectable meal.


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