Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG

Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG

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Android, iOS,

About Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG

Embark on a True Mage’s epic quest to the Dark Tower in Age of Magic! Darkness engulfs the land, demonic legions wreak havoc, and a prophecy beckons: a True Mage shall rise to decide the world’s fate. Enter Roland, the chosen wielder of arcane power, destined to confront the shadows and restore balance.

Key features

Immerse Yourself in a Breathtaking World

  • Lush landscapes and vibrant races: Explore a richly crafted mythical realm teeming with diverse inhabitants. Each environment exudes its own unique charm, drawing you deeper into the world’s captivating narrative.
  • Become Roland, the True Mage: Master your magical abilities and guide your fate through challenging encounters. Witness Roland’s growth as he confronts the encroaching darkness and faces his defining purpose.

Master Turn-Based Tactical Combat

  • Accessible and strategic: Plan your every move in thrilling turn-based battles. Unleash devastating spells and devise cunning tactics to overcome monstrous foes.
  • Skillful combos: Utilize Roland’s dual offense and defense skills, building potent synergies with your team to dominate the battlefield.
  • Diverse roster of heroes: Unlock and collect an array of characters, each with unique abilities and strengths, bolstering your team’s versatility and tactical options.

Multiple Paths to Power

  • Earn glory through battles: Conquer treacherous campaigns and collect formidable allies along the way.
  • Invest in the market: Strategically spend your hard-earned gold to acquire powerful new heroes.
  • Forge your destiny: Unravel character fragments and summon legendary beings to your side, building the ultimate team to conquer any challenge.

Age of Magic awaits! Arise, True Mage, and claim your destiny in the face of ultimate darkness.

Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG

Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG


For: Android, iOS,


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