Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls

Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls

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Android, iOS,

Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls – Fight with beautiful girls

Attack On Time: Kaisen Of Girls is an interesting Waifu strategy adventure game that was officially launched in April 2022. The game incorporates a convenient vertical screen mechanism, and was developed by ONEMT. Here, you can quickly find a beautiful and attractive wife ready to fight with you.


As soon as you start the game, you will choose one of two girls to accompany you in battle. These characters will be introduced in detail with basic information as well as specific fighting skills so you can better understand when choosing.

During the process of fighting and performing missions in the game, you will receive character fragments. When you accumulate the necessary number of fragments, you will be able to summon new characters in the game. Completing the given tasks, you will receive rewards such as experience, gold, items to upgrade character skills…

Use these items to increase the power of your character, making your Waifu girls stronger. Besides, you can also give gifts, interact through conversations or answer questions to level up your character. Gameplay is quite simple for players, including new gamers.

Attack On Time Kaisen Of Girls also has an auto mode, so you don’t need to do too much and can still quickly complete the mission. However, this is also quite a limitation because playing for a long time will gradually lose the sense of exploration or inspiration when playing the game.

The game has more than 100 female characters for you to freely watch and choose from. Characters are divided into different rarity levels from R to UR. The higher the level, the more classy and quality the character’s skills and appearance will be.

In addition to the above features, Attack On Time Kaisen Of Girls also has a dating – sim feature so you can warm up with your wife, date or confess to the girls you like.

Attack on Time

Beautiful graphics

Attack On Time Kaisen Of Girls is highly appreciated for its graphics. Detailed character designs with specific lines, creating beautiful girls with a variety of styles and personalities, from youthful, dynamic, gentle, lovely to hot girls. , attractive and extremely sexy. The surrounding scenery and other small details in the game are also meticulously shown through 2D lines, making this game more attractive than ever.

General review of the game

Overall, with quite simple gameplay and beautiful graphics, Attack On Time: Kaisen Of Girls is not a bad choice for you to experience. Another special thing to mention is that when coming to the game, you can hear the voices of famous voice actresses in Japan such as Yuki Aoi, Inori Minase, Akari Kitou, and many other Seiyuu… Thanks to that, Gamers will feel like they are immersed in a dreamy world, experiencing happy moments with their idols.

Don’t hesitate any longer, download this game right away to your computer to experience it right away. This will definitely be a game that brings gamers the most exciting and entertaining gaming moments.

Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls

Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls


For: Android, iOS,


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