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Introducing the game Candy Crush Saga

Released for free with the familiar gameplay of the classic Diamond stacking game, Candy Crush Saga is causing a fever again. You don’t need to invest in a very advanced phone to experience and have relaxing moments with Candy Crush Saga.

Game Description and Gameplay

The player’s main task is to overcome the challenges of each colorful and attractive game screen. And, each level also has completely different challenges for players. However, there is one similarity: you have to combine candies of the same color to make them explode and disappear.

  • Striped candy: The striped candy rule is created when all 4 candies of the same color are combined in a horizontal or vertical row. If you combine them in a horizontal row, you will get horizontally striped candies and vice versa, the vertical rows will be the same. Striped candy are used to destroy a row according to their stripes.
  • Wrapped candy: The rule of wrapped candy is that candies are created through candies of the same color arranged in a T or L shape. This rule is used to destroy an area with an area of 3×3.
  • Colored bomb: Appears when you combine 5 candies of the same color at the same time. This rule is considered to have the greatest effect. When combined with any candy next to it, all of those candies on the screen will be completely destroyed.

In addition, we can combine support booms to create special effects:

  • When combining 2 Striped candy: Will create a destructive effect in the shape of a (-) sign.
  • When combining Striped candy and Wrapped: In principle, it will be the same as 2 Triped Sweet combined, but the special point is that the explosion range is up to 3 cells per row.
  • When combining Striped candy and Color Bomb: When combining Triped Sweet and Coulour Bomb, all candies of the same color as striped candy will turn into striped candy and explode according to the striped candy structure.
  • When combining 2 Wrapped candy: Explosion range is up to 5×5 around the Wrapped pill
  • When combining Wrapped Candy and Color Bomb: All candies of the same color as the candy package will turn into an empty candy package and explode according to the structure.

The player’s mission through each level is different; Players must complete at least a 1-star milestone (except for levels that require a score milestone). If you win, new stages will be unlocked and they may also provide some permissions or items to supplement the player’s completed levels.
If you lose, your level will be reset, and you will also lose a life. Although lives are automatically regenerated every 30 minutes, players can have 5 lives at once without having to pay extra.



  • Sound graphics: The biggest advantage of Candy Crush Saga is the professional investment sound and graphic design system. Candy Crush Saga has diverse game image links. At the same time, the interface image is designed with many vivid colors that are much more eye-catching.
  • Regular updates: This game is also updated and improved with images and interface systems regularly. At the same time, the design of higher investment in game levels creates more appeal for players.


  • In-App Purchases: The game heavily promotes in-app purchases to buy power-ups, lives, and other advantages, which can be expensive and may lead to overspending.
  • Limited Lives: Players are given a limited number of lives, and when they run out, they must wait or purchase more, which can be frustrating.
  • Randomness: Some levels in the game are heavily reliant on luck, which can be frustrating for players who prefer skill-based challenges.

Privacy and Security

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Data collected

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Security practices

  • Data is encrypted in transit
  • You can request that data be deleted
  • Independent security review

Candy Saga Crush currently has nearly 15,000 levels and will be updated with more. Do you have enough strength to conquer everything to clear the game? Don’t forget to download and share with your friends to clear the levels together!



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