Captain Tsubasa Dream Team

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team

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Android, iOS,

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team – Ignite Your Football Passion

Reignite your love for football with Captain Tsubasa Dream Team, the mobile game inspired by the legendary manga! Experience the electrifying action and iconic characters like never before as you build your own dream team and dominate the pitch.

Key features

Train Your Legends:

  • Nurture your stars: Develop your favorite players through strategic training and limited resource allocation.
  • Unleash their potential: Push them to new heights with large-scale training sessions, unlocking higher levels and boosted stats.
  • Witness their dominance: See your trained champions shine on the field, leaving opponents in awe.

Challenge the World:

  • Go beyond the manga: Dive into diverse online modes that offer endless competition and camaraderie.
  • Rise to the top: Battle rivals in ranked matches, climbing the global leaderboard and etching your name in glory.
  • Team up for triumph: Join forces with up to 32 players in thrilling team matches, strategizing and executing together.
  • Friendly fun: Relax and connect with friends in casual matches, setting your own rules and enjoying the beautiful game.
  • Newcomer welcome: Quick matches introduce new players to the action, gently easing them into the competitive scene.

Relive the Nostalgia:

  • A faithful tribute: Immerse yourself in the familiar world of Captain Tsubasa, encountering beloved characters, memorable dialogues, and iconic music.
  • 3D spectacle: Witness your favorite moves and special skills come to life in stunning 3D animation, adding a new layer of excitement.
  • Become part of the story: Interact with characters and functions in a unique and nostalgic way, deepening your connection to the manga.
  • Join the millions: With over 35 million players worldwide, discover a vibrant community passionate about the sport and the series.

More Than Just a Game:

  • Find your inner Tsubasa: Captain Tsubasa Dream Team isn’t just about virtual victories; it’s about capturing the spirit of the sport.
  • Fuel your real-life passion: The game’s intensity and dedication might inspire you to lace up your own boots and hit the field.
  • Become a football master: Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious newcomer, the game offers endless opportunities to learn, grow, and love the beautiful game.

Ready to unleash your football dreams? Download Captain Tsubasa Dream Team today and experience the thrill of victory!

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team


For: Android, iOS,


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