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Contra Returns – The legend returns

Contra Return is an anticipated action and shooting game. This game will revive the childhood of many gamers who have experienced the golden age of the 4-button Contra game. Besides, there are also many extremely impressive features added, thereby bringing players many different experiences.

Outstanding features

If in the classic 4-button Contra version there were only 2 characters, then in this Contra Return game, it gives players an extremely diverse, rich and constantly updated character system. Each character in the game possesses many unique characteristics and skills that can be upgraded or equipped with weapons. In addition, you can participate in battles: Boss, PvP, Endless Tower, Co-op mode, jumping mode,…

  • Maintaining the main and most prominent features of the original version – side-scrolling game.
  • The order and images of the maps are also kept the same as the original, but the images are made smoother and sharper thanks to advanced graphics technology.
  • Instead of just two main characters (Bill Rizer and Lance Bean) like the original
  • Contra by Konami, this unique action game is added and brings the total number of characters to 11.
  • Each character has its own unique characteristics and skills.
  • The character’s costume system is creatively designed, suitable for each character.
  • The weapon system has been remade to be extremely beautiful and impressive. Each type of gun will also use a separate type of bullet like the original.
  • Character equipment and Weapons can be upgraded to increase strength.
  • The Character and Weapon systems are both hierarchical (level A – level B… level S). The higher the level of the Character or Weapon, the stronger it is and the more special skills it possesses (like the game Legendary Campaign).
  • The Shop feature helps players equip themselves while playing Garena Contra: Return.
  • Combining more elements of modern style games with Mission system, Boss hunting…
  • Added many different, extremely attractive game modes such as: Endless Tower, Jumping game mode, Co-op mode…
  • 3D graphics, redesigned characters are more beautiful, vivid sound and extremely beautiful attack and shooting effects are other highlights of this role-playing game.
  • Players can choose double play mode (DUO) to rediscover the familiar feeling.
  • Supports the friend feature, allowing players to make new friends to fight against alien invaders.
  • Solo (1 vs 1) or 3v3 game modes bring more experience.

Download and install Contra Return, gamers have the opportunity to unlock character skills to use more skills.

What’s in the latest update?

  • New SS Hero: Prestigious Gunner: Molly joins the fight!
  • New Duo mode: Contra Ascension II
  • Multi-server PVP: New PVP Mode, Ultimate Battle!
  • Abyss fissure New BOSS: Golden Toad is here, challenge now!
  • New SS Golden Pet: Golden SS Lucky Star Rabbit is here!
  • New weapon type: Energy cannon

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