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Counter Side – Attractive Anime Card Game

Counter Side is a role-playing game with top graphics and tactical gameplay. As soon as it was released, the game immediately became the focus of attention of the gaming community and brought many resounding successes.


Counter Side is about the battle between two opposing sides, Normal Side and Counter Side. The game’s setting is imagined in a future world with modern technology and many advanced weapons, but it is also because modern technology and science and technology are so developed that many monsters have been born. bloodthirsty called “Corrupted Object”.

You will play the role of a character in the hero squad, your mission is to create your own battleship, search for the mysteries behind those monsters and destroy them.


As a real-time card-style strategy game, players need to know how to arrange the most standard squad. Each character will have a different set of skills and advantages, you need to use and combine them in the most perfect way to have the strongest team for yourself. The game interface is designed like a fighting game with health bars for each character so players can control and adjust the team to play properly. After creating a perfect squad, players can perform main side missions or events to receive many attractive rewards and necessary items to upgrade their favorite Counter character.


  • PvE: A mode in which you have to fight monsters or computer-controlled characters, depending on the level of the game, the difficulty gradually increases. In this mode, you can collect experience and valuable items.
  • PvP: A mode where you can challenge other players to compete, the goal is to find the best commander. To win, you will have to choose the most suitable squad before the battle begins.


  • Main mission: A mission that will unlock when you reach a certain level. This mission helps you understand more about the plot, receive many valuable rewards as well as unlock new attractive features.
  • Side mission: A mission that helps you level up to unlock the main mission. This quest usually gives experience but the reward is not of high value.
  • Event missions: These are missions that only appear during special times such as holidays or birthdays of the game,… This is an opportunity for you to receive special items.


Characters in Counter Side range from 1 to 6 stars with increasing strength. Each character has a unique appearance and skill set. Characters are classified based on fighting style including:

  • Swordsman: melee character who uses swords, has high resistance, average attack speed and damage.
  • AD – Carry: uses guns, has long range, high damage, low resistance and attack speed.
  • Support: technology experts possess beneficial effects for allies and disadvantageous effects for enemies.


  • Ranked matches: Open according to the season and usually lasts several months. This is the arena where players can compete against each other to divide ranks. The higher the rank, the greater the reward and the more people know it.
  • Strategic battle: where players challenge the team that has been pre-arranged by the publisher. The higher you go, the more difficult it becomes, but in return the rewards are extremely worthy. Every day there will be 5 challenges.

General review of the game


  • The graphics in Counter Side are very beautiful and vivid in a modern anime style.
  • Vivid sound, catchy melodies, great fighting.
  • Attractive gameplay, diverse number of characters for selection.


  • In-App Purchases
  • The traditional gameplay of the card strategy game series remains the same

With an attractive, epic fighting style and gameplay, top-notch graphics, vivid sound combined with deep gameplay. Counter Side is an excellent role-playing game. If you are a passionate fan of the RPG Anime genre, this super game will definitely be a name you cannot ignore.


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