Criminal Case: Save the World!

Criminal Case: Save the World!

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Android, iOS,

Enter the Web of Deceit: Unravel a Shocking Murder in Criminal Case: Save the World!

The world whispers with scandal, the echoes of a shocking unsolved murder. But fear not, for you, a detective renowned for your unwavering tenacity, have been summoned to face this tangled web of deceit.

Embark on a Gripping Adventure

  • Step into the shoes of a skilled investigator, granted exclusive access to a premium case file.
  • Delve into a world dripping with mystery, each turn revealing tantalizing clues and cryptic whispers.
  • Utilize cutting-edge forensic tools: analyze hidden fingerprints, extract information from overlooked details, and reconstruct the shattered timeline of the crime.

Unmask the Shadows

  • Navigate a labyrinth of suspicion, where every encounter holds a potential lead or a cunning trap.
  • Uncover the motives of a cast of enigmatic suspects, their secrets simmering beneath the surface.
  • Interrogate witnesses, dissect alibis, and expose the truth lurking behind carefully constructed facades.

Deliver Justice, Restore Order

  • Corner the elusive killer, their reign of terror finally brought to an end.
  • Expose the true culprit, bringing closure to a case that has haunted the very soul of justice.
  • Bask in the glory of vindication, as the innocent find freedom and the scales of justice find balance.

Criminal Case: Save the World! beckons you, detective. Will you answer the call and unravel the threads of darkness?

Criminal Case: Save the World!

Criminal Case: Save the World!


For: Android, iOS,


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