Criminal Case: Supernatural

Criminal Case: Supernatural

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Unravel the Veil: Unleash Your Inner Ghost Hunter in Criminal Case

Dive into the shadows of the supernatural in Criminal Case, where a team of fearless hunters confronts a trail of macabre murders. Whispers of demonic forces fill the air, shrouding these grim scenes in chilling mystery. Join forces with your squad and step into the heart of darkness to chase the truth behind these horrific killings.

Sharpen Your Sleuthing Skills

Criminal Case may offer a small team, but your investigative prowess will match any seasoned detective. Scour crime scenes for hidden clues, piecing together puzzles to earn stars and unlock the next chilling truth. Be a hawk-eyed sleuth, sifting through cluttered landscapes for concealed objects amidst the chaos.

Unmask the Shadows

With enough evidence in hand, your journey leads to a high-tech lab – your hub for unlocking the secrets hidden within each clue. As suspects emerge, you wield the power of celebrity profiles to delve into their motives and alibis. Analyze testimonies, synthesize evidence, and let your keen deduction lead you to the killer lurking in the shadows.

Currencies of the Underworld

Two vital resources fuel your hunt in Criminal Case: coins and energy. Coins, earned through your detective exploits, let you customize your avatar, adding your own touch to the chase. Energy, the lifeblood of investigation, opens doors to hidden clues and fuels star-powered progress. Stars are your key to unlocking lab analysis, suspect interrogations, and the vital steps that bring you closer to justice.

Embrace the Thrill

While stars require specific actions like scene exploration, energy is readily replenished, or can be purchased with coins. Don’t fret if your reserves falter; real-time energy recharge ensures even the most relentless case doesn’t grind your pursuit to a halt. 20 energy units fuel each puzzle, and with each solved piece, the chilling truth inches closer.

Prepare to shed light on the darkest corners of the unknown. Criminal Case awaits, offering a thrilling blend of supernatural mystery and detective prowess. Are you ready to face the shadows and bring justice to the victims of this demonic dance?

Criminal Case: Supernatural

Criminal Case: Supernatural


For: Android, iOS,


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