Criminal Case: The Conspiracy

Criminal Case: The Conspiracy

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Android, iOS,

Unleash Your Inner Detective in Criminal Case: The Conspiracy!

Put on your badge and step into the shoes of Grimsborough’s finest in Criminal Case: The Conspiracy. This captivating mobile game throws you into the heart of a web of twisted mysteries, demanding your keen eye for detail and sharp deduction skills.

Unravel the Truth, Case by Case

  • Multiple Murder Mysteries: Dive into a series of grisly murders that plague the city. Each case presents a unique puzzle, a tapestry woven with hidden clues and intriguing suspects.
  • Investigate Like a Pro: Scour crime scenes for hidden objects, collect crucial evidence, and piece together the puzzle of each crime. Every fingerprint, every whisper, leads you closer to the truth.
  • Become the Mastermind: Analyze forensic evidence, conduct autopsies, and unlock the secrets of the victims. Unmask the motives, expose the darkness, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

No Room for Error

  • Choices Matter: Every decision you make carries weight. Choose the right clues, follow the correct leads, and make the critical call on who the culprit is. One wrong move could send the investigation down a dead end.
  • Justice or Injustice? The pressure is on. Can you crack the case, identify the true killer, and ensure justice prevails? Or will the real criminal walk free under the veil of your doubt?

The Detective’s Journey Never Ends

  • A City Full of Secrets: Each solved case unlocks new mysteries, drawing you deeper into the web of Grimsborough’s hidden conspiracies. The more you solve, the more you realize the truth may be darker than you ever imagined.
  • Become a Grimsborough Legend: Rise through the ranks as you solve case after case. Earn prestige, unlock new tools, and solidify your reputation as the city’s most trusted detective.

So, are you ready to join the elite ranks of Grimsborough’s detectives? Download Criminal Case: The Conspiracy today and unleash your inner sleuth!

Criminal Case: The Conspiracy

Criminal Case: The Conspiracy


For: Android, iOS,


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