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About Criminal Case

If you’ve ever dreamed of cracking tough cases and bringing criminals to justice, then Criminal Case is the game for you. In this immersive hidden object adventure, you’ll step into the shoes of a detective in the Grimsborough Police Department, one of the most elite squads in the city.

Grisly Crimes and a Legendary Team

Your days will be filled with investigating a variety of murder cases, each more intricate and puzzling than the last. But you won’t be alone. As part of the Grimsborough team, you’ll have the support and guidance of experienced officers who will teach you the ropes and help you hone your detective skills.

Unraveling the Mysteries

Your journey will take you to a variety of crime scenes, each with its own unique story to tell. From the professor’s death in a bathtub filled with water to a chaotic murder scene in a bustling marketplace, no two cases will be the same. In each location, you’ll need to scour for hidden clues, interview suspects, and analyze evidence to piece together the puzzle and find the culprit.

The Thrill of the Chase

Once you’ve gathered enough evidence, it’s time to confront the suspect and bring them to justice. But be prepared for a final showdown in court, where you’ll need to present your findings and convince the jury of the suspect’s guilt.

A City in Need of Heroes

With so many crimes plaguing Grimsborough, there’s no shortage of work for a dedicated detective like you. Are you ready to put your skills to the test and become the city’s newest hero?

Criminal Case is a game that will keep you hooked for hours on end. With its challenging puzzles, captivating storylines, and engaging gameplay, it’s the perfect escape for anyone who loves a good mystery. So what are you waiting for? Download the game today and start solving cases!


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