CSR 2 Realistic Drag Racing

CSR 2 Realistic Drag Racing

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About CSR 2 Realistic Drag Racing

In 2012, game company NaturalMotion launched the first CSR Racing version and achieved outstanding success with millions of players worldwide. And let’s welcome the sequel calledCSR 2 with many improvements in visuals, gameplay and features.

Laying the foundation for a new system of visual standards, CSR 2 brings you closer to the majestic super sports cars, beautiful and lively racetracks. Besides the new team racing feature, players will still have the opportunity to compete with real gamers in the world – great racers that make everyone shy. Not only that, build a dream garage to display racing cars that “ten thousand people love” like LaFerrari, McLaren P1™, Audi R8 V10 plus Coupé, Koenigsegg One:1 and many other famous super products.

Main features of CSR 2 speed game

Immerse yourself in a high-quality graphical environment

The 2K resolution graphics and outstanding display technology in CSR Racing 2 for iOS create the most realistic racing environment you will ever experience. Players can admire every detail of super sports cars, watch them compete on fiery racing tracks, and have realistic collisions and explosions…

Racing in real time

CSR 2 is your chance to race against real players around the world and in a head-to-head format. Choose for yourself a worthy opponent or accept the invitation to compete directly to start the life-and-death race. In addition, CSR 2 also has a team racing feature for friends to combine into racing teams, then invite other racing teams to compete for high rankings on the world Leader Board. Winning will bring you many exclusive car models that any car enthusiast in the world aspires to own.

Own your dream garage

Racing hard every day helps you get many beautiful super cars and display them in your personal garage. CSR 2 Realistic Drag Racing brings mobile players more than 50 real-life sports racing cars, including famous manufacturers such as Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani and Koenigsegg.

Play games with friends and make friends

CSR 2 creates an online community of players who love high-speed racing. Everyone will race in major tournaments, chat online, race in groups, participate in new events and compete for rankings. CSR 2 Realistic Drag Racing is a meeting place for virtual car players – people who “inspire” you about the passion for sports car racing.

Unlimited vehicle upgrades

CSR 2 players have the opportunity to customize the vehicle in many aspects such as gearbox, tire pressure, nitrogen pump, replacement parts and many other details to own the optimal speed “machine”.

Customize your car according to your own style

Choose paint color, decals, license plate, spoiler, rims… to turn your racing car into a personalized supercar, bearing the owner’s own mark.

Conquer the city racetrack

Players can choose to race alone through many streets, daily races and many new events to become the world’s number 1 driver.

CSR 2 Realistic Drag Racing is the ultimate mobile drag racing game that puts you behind the wheel of some of the hottest cars on the planet. Race against real players from around the world, tune your car to perfection, and dominate the competition. Ready to take your place on the podium? Download CSR 2 Realistic Drag Racing today!

CSR 2 Realistic Drag Racing

CSR 2 Realistic Drag Racing


For: Android, iOS,


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