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Rev Up in CSR Classics: Master Speed and Classic Cars

CSR Classics throws you into the driver’s seat for exhilarating sprint races. Unlike other racing games, these races test your precision and reflexes over short distances. Every action you take impacts your car’s speed and ultimately, victory.

Key features

  • Master the Art of Shifting: Behind the wheel, you’ll find a speedometer, gas pedal, and shifter. You’ll see your car in a horizontal view alongside your competitor, ready to challenge you. A progress bar tracks your race, but the controls are simple: shift gears at the right moment to unleash your car’s full potential.
  • Precision is Key to Victory: The race begins with two cars side-by-side, revving engines until the clock hits zero. Press the gas pedal to fill a green bar, and when it’s full, the race starts. Your job is to watch the green bar and shift gears at the precise moment it glows. This increases your car’s gear and propels you forward at breakneck speed.
  • Conquer Rival Crews and Earn Big: Race against various crews scattered throughout the city. Each crew has members and a leader you must defeat in classic car showdowns. As the difficulty rises, upgrading your car becomes crucial.
  • Collect, Restore, and Dominate: CSR Classics features a stunning collection of iconic classic cars. Each car comes in two states: unloved (worn-down) and loved (pristine). Loved cars are readily available but expensive, while unloved ones are cheaper but require restoration to their former glory.
  • Invest in Upgrades and Unleash Power: To truly dominate the streets, you can invest in various upgrades for your car. Enhance its appearance, performance, exhaust, nitrous boost, and more. These improvements will give you the edge you need to conquer rival crews and become the ultimate champion.

CSR Classics awaits. Are you ready to race into a world of speed, strategy, and classic car glory?


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