Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG

Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG

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Dark Clan: New role-playing game released

The bloody war began in Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG when a friend, fascinated by the demon’s power, betrayed his comrades and became a demon. Your mission in this exciting action game is to assemble the strongest team to destroy monsters and take revenge on traitors.

Outstanding features

Collect the best heroes and build an invincible team

  • Defeat enemies with over 60 powerful companions from over 15 different classes.
  • Unlock more abilities by combining with premium companions.
  • Learn interesting stories about the heroes in each episode.

Unleash the hidden powers of your companions through runes

  • Discover and enhance over 30 runes to further enhance the power of your companions.
  • Lead the battle to victory by strategically placing runes according to your teammates’ attributes and classes.

Experience more unique elements to develop your team

  • Use the Mastery tree to select and enhance only the abilities you need.
  • Create unique synergistic effects and show off slashing power by combining team skills.

Unlimited growth possibilities

  • Challenge the Gem Guardian and earn diamonds.
  • Gain Mastery by receiving training from Repron in the Training Desert.
  • Discover hidden gold coins in the robbers’ lair.
  • Defeat the soul hunters and collect the souls of your companions.
  • Explore mines and dungeons to gain the power of runes.
Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG

Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG


For: Android,


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