Day R Survival: Last Survivor

Day R Survival: Last Survivor

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About Day R Survival: Last Survivor

Day R Survival: Last Survivor unfolds in a nightmarish post-nuclear world. While you’ve managed to survive, countless others haven’t been as fortunate. Surrounding you are the grim remnants of humanity—zombies, corpses, and more. Regrettably, hunger isn’t your only adversary; monstrous creatures, exploiting rifts in space and time, have emerged as formidable foes. Confronting you are four menacing tanks, presenting additional threats in this perilous landscape.

Key features

  • In the irradiated ashes of a nuked world, you cling to life – one of the lucky few. Millions lie still, mere corpses to feed the ravenous hunger gnawing at your own gut. But the dead aren’t your only concern. Twisted creatures from fractured space and time stalk the land, their eyes gleaming with malice. Four hulking tanks block your path, steel beasts guarding secrets as cold as the wasteland wind.
  • The world itself is your enemy. Hunger whispers insidious promises in your ear, turning every living thing into potential prey. Radiation leeches through the crumbling ruins, whispering promises of slow, agonizing decay. Even the dead stir, their ghostly echoes clinging to you like phantoms.
  • Yet, hope flickers. A whispered message, a faded photograph tucked in your pocket – a family waiting somewhere beyond the radioactive fog. Their survival becomes your mission, your anchor in this storm of entropy. You don’t know if they even live, but their memory spurs you on.
  • The land you wander is no longer mappable. Cities have become overgrown jungles, familiar animals warped into grotesque shadows. You hunt not for trophies, but for sustenance, each kill a desperate gamble against oblivion. But even the smallest creature can bring crippling injury, a reminder that every living thing here fights for every ragged breath.
  • Necessity becomes your forge. You craft weapons from twisted scrap, swords forged in the furnace of desperation. Potions bubble in rusted vats, concoctions born from forgotten alchemy and whispered desperation. Each recipe, a testament to your resilience, a treasure worth more than gold in this desolate domain.
  • Not just weapons, but chariots of survival. From scavenged parts, you assemble your own chariot, a mechanical steed to outrun the shadows. Physics and chemistry become your weapons, the laws of the universe your twisted allies in this war against entropy. Abandoned husks become hideouts, sanctuaries carved from the bones of a dead world.
  • But you are not alone. Across the fractured continents, others cling to life, flickering embers in the darkness. Through crackles of static, you find them – allies forging fragile bonds in the online battlefield. Together, you face the monstrosities that no one can conquer alone, whispered tactics traded over crackling frequencies.
  • Day R Survival: a world without limits. Uncapped chat allows you to forge friendships that bridge continents, to learn and share in the crucible of survival. Trade weapons, barter stories, build bonds as strong as steel in the face of oblivion.
  • A map for the lost. Navigate the irradiated labyrinth with a detailed companion at your side. No longer shrouded in fog, the world unfolds before you, marked with secrets and potential. Share your map with allies, become a beacon in the dark.
  • Embrace the challenge. Choose your path: a gentle sandbox to learn or the searing crucible of realism. Test your mettle against online warriors, forge alliances as strong as steel. This is Day R Survival: a post-nuclear odyssey where humanity’s embers flicker, waiting to be reignited.
Day R Survival: Last Survivor

Day R Survival: Last Survivor


For: Android, iOS,


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