Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D

Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D

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About Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D

Defend against the undead menace in DEAD TARGET, a pulse-pounding shooter where survival hinges on your precision and wit. Navigate a desolate city overrun by zombies, where every crumbling structure and darkened alleyway harbors threats. As a lone survivor of an elite task force, you must unravel the secrets behind the outbreak and find a way to escape the infested city.

Key features

Immerse yourself in a chilling atmosphere:

  • Vivid graphics and haunting soundscapes transport you directly into the heart of the zombie apocalypse.
  • Explore a devastated cityscape teeming with dangers around every corner.
  • Uncover the chilling truth behind the zombie outbreak as you gather intel and decipher hidden messages.

Master the art of survival:

  • Outsmart and eliminate diverse zombie hordes, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Upgrade your arsenal with an array of powerful weapons to gain the upper hand.
  • Test your agility and reflexes as you navigate through crumbling ruins and perilous environments.

Team up for ultimate survival:

  • Connect with friends and compete for dominance on the leaderboards.
  • Share strategies and insights to overcome the undead threat together.
  • Experience the thrill of cooperative play as you fight side-by-side against overwhelming odds.

DEAD TARGET is more than just a shooter; it’s a harrowing journey of survival, action, and suspense. Take aim, unleash your skills, and reclaim the city from the jaws of the undead.

Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D

Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D


For: Android, iOS,


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