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Introducing the game eFootball 2024 – The ultimate mobile football game

eFootball 2024 is the latest game developed by Konami, this highly anticipated installment will take the beloved eFootball series to the next level, delivering a more realistic and immersive football experience than ever before. With cutting-edge graphics, enhanced gameplay mechanics and an expanded roster of clubs and players, eFootball 2024 is set to redefine the standards of virtual football, taking players on a journey Truly unforgettable in the king sport.

New features updated in eFootball 2024 season

Update partner clubs

KONAMI has retained a roster of partner clubs, which includes some of the sport’s most iconic teams, including Manchester United FC, FC Bayern München, Internazionale Milano, AC Milan, Arsenal FC and FC Barcelona. These are the clubs with which KONAMI recently renewed long-term cooperation.

You’ll see their kits, stadiums and squads updated in-game to showcase the freshness of the new competition, along with world football’s biggest transfer news stories surrounding it. them this summer.

eFootball 2024 also remains the only place where users can play in iconic venues such as Allianz Arena, Spotify Camp Nou, San Siro and Stadio Olimpico.

New gameplay

eFootball 2024 features a series of gameplay updates based on player feedback to increase the realism of the game. Mainly the changes focus on dribbling and defense. Improved control feedback allows players to replicate the split-second decisions made at the elite level of soccer, allowing players to control the ball more closely, even dribbling through situations strict.


Boosters are a new feature in eFootball 2024, allowing you to enhance the attributes of your favorite players. It helps players perform beyond normal stats.

There are different types of support items that will be available in the game: some that are specific to each player, some that impact the entire team, and some that only appear when you select players that meet certain criteria . This feature will allow you to build a more free, diverse and interesting team.

eFootball 2024 guide for beginners

Start with freelance training

If you’ve never played eFootball before, the best place to start is with a free training course. Players can access this training mode by going to the Extras menu, then selecting the Training category.

The game features 5 different practice modes, and each mode is tailored to the specific situations players will encounter in a real match, such as corner kicks and penalty kicks .

Complete Debut Mission

If you feel you are ready for real matches, your first job is to complete the Debut Mission. These missions were created for the 2024 season and are therefore aimed at newer players. Even if you’re a veteran eFootball gamer, it’s still worth taking the time to complete these missions as they offer great rewards, including GP, Guaranteed Tickets, Training Programs, and more.

Set up a plan

Before starting a match, players will have to establish a game plan, which is an overview of how their team plans to approach the game. The plan is divided into four general categories:

  • Tactics involves strategy and formation in a match. If you want your team to take a sharp approach to the game, consider changing your formation or playing style here.
  • Team is the overall squad, including reserve players. People can ask the game to automatically pick from the best players or manually set positions in their starting lineup.
  • Substitutes are reserve players who can be swapped with the main players.
  • Reserves are another type of substitute player.

Highlights of eFootball 2024 compared to other football games

  • 3vs3 match with friends in Friend Match: Use the Friend Match feature to compete with your friends. Co-op matches up to 3vs3 are also available in the game. Get together with your friends and enjoy some exciting soccer matches!
  • Weekly Updates: Data from real matches taking place around the world will be collated weekly and implemented in eFootball 2024 via the Live Update feature to create a more realistic experience. These updates affect many different aspects of the game, including Player Status Ratings and team rosters.
  • Season: eFootball 2024 takes place over several different seasons. Each Season will have a theme that reflects the latest trends in the world of football, and you can gain a better advantage in events by signing players and building a team that matches the theme. theme of that season.

Privacy and Security

Safety starts with understanding how developers collect and share your data. Data privacy and security practices may vary based on your use, region, and age. The developer provided this information and may update it over time.

Data collected

Location, Personal info, Financial info, Messages, Photos and videos, AudioFiles and docs, Calendar, activityWeb browsing, App info and performance, Device or other IDs

Security practices

  • Data is encrypted in transit
  • You can request that data be deleted
  • Independent security review

Get ready to experience the future of football like never before with eFootball 2024. The excitement, the passion, and the thrill of the beautiful game are waiting for you. Don’t miss out on this incredible gaming experience. Download eFootball 2024 now and join millions of fans worldwide in the ultimate football adventure.



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