Fun Race 3D — Run and Parkour

Fun Race 3D — Run and Parkour

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Available for: Android, iOS,

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Android, iOS,

Fun Race 3D – Fun sports game

Fun Race 3D is a fun and engaging entertainment game. The gameplay of the game is quite simple, interesting levels will help you have quick moments of entertainment after many hours of stressful work.


Fun Race 3D will bring you a completely new parkour experience with hundreds of unique levels. Compete with other players around the world, conquer the track and unlock new characters, each level is extremely challenging and extremely fun. Do you have enough stamina and cunning to become a winner?

If in Run Race 3D, you need to show off your ninja-style running skills by climbing walls, swinging on ropes, doing somersaults and performing many other strange actions to get ahead in maze-like tracks, then Fun Race 3D has upgraded racing to a new level.

Countless obstacles are arranged along the track, requiring players to control their speed very well to be able to overcome. In the game, you not only have to defeat other competing gamers, but also conquer these unique obstacles. Speed is no longer the main factor that helps you win, but in this obstacle race, dexterity plays an equally important role.

That means the player needs to stop at the right time to overcome obstacles such as rotating propellers, swinging giant hammers, or pendulums. Each race includes 3 athletes. The last person to reach the finish line will be eliminated and the first two people to reach the finish line will continue to compete with each other on that track to find the final winner. At this point, you need to be the first to reach the finish line so you can continue to conquer new tracks with players of the same level.

If you lose, you will be stuck on that track forever until you win. Fun Race 3D has hundreds of different tracks and you won’t be able to guess what the next track will be like. You will be surprised when you see the unique challenges waiting for you on the racetrack ahead. During the race, unlucky players defeated by obstacles will revive and continue the competition. As long as no opponent has reached the finish line, that player still has a chance to win.

Graphics – sound

Minimalist 3D graphics so the game is quite light, the game’s graphics are fun and simple. The 3D graphics are minimalist so the game is quite light and the graphics are fun. Smooth character movements help players have a good experience.

When hitting obstacles, there will be effects of being thrown off the track with impact sounds. The character will have a very unique victory dance when reaching the finish line.

With a uniqueness that no other game has, it is understandable why Fun Race 3D receives reviews from players. Download the game now and compete in exciting races.

Fun Race 3D — Run and Parkour

Fun Race 3D — Run and Parkour


For: Android, iOS,


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