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Ghost Case

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Dive into the Depths of a Cold Case: Ghost Case Awaits!

Step back in time 20 years to a chilling unsolved mystery. Ghost Case invites you to become Detective Ren Larsen, drawn by cryptic signals into a horrifying investigation. The Alba brothers, victims of a brutal murder, remain restless in the afterlife. Their whispers reach your ears, pleading for justice.

Key features

Unravel the Alba brothers’ case, a labyrinth of secrets and unanswered questions. Explore Hidden Town, a place haunted by the past. From the chilling asylum to the eerie cemetery, every corner holds a clue.

But beware, shadows lurk around every corner. The killer walks among the living, shrouded in darkness. Can you decipher the cryptic messages from beyond, conquer mind-bending puzzles, and face the chilling truth?

Here’s what awaits you in Ghost Case:

  • A thrilling plot woven with the threads of a 20-year-old cold case.
  • Become Detective Ren Larsen, a sharp mind with a thirst for justice.
  • Uncover the mysteries surrounding the Alba brothers’ murder.
  • Explore Hidden Town, a haunting landscape steeped in secrets.
  • Conquer unique clues that appear as you solve interactive puzzles.
  • Interact with objects, gleaning vital hints from the past.
  • Face a chilling test of your wits with puzzles ranging from easy to mind-bending.
  • Immerse yourself in a top-notch music system that amplifies the suspense.

Ghost Case is more than just a game. It’s a journey into the depths of a cold case, a test of your detective skills, and a chilling confrontation with the unknown. Are you brave enough to face the shadows and bring peace to the restless souls of the Alba brothers?


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