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Head Ball 2

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Head Ball 2: Score Big in This Quirky Online Soccer Showdown!

Head Ball 2 takes soccer to a whole new level of fun and competition. Forget realistic simulations; here, you’ll control hilarious, face-shaped characters with sneakers in head-to-head matches against other players.

Key features

Unique and Challenging Gameplay:

  • Master the intuitive yet tricky 2D controls that keep you glued to the action.
  • Score amazing goals using the environment, including bouncing shots and angled deflections.
  • Unlock and equip special skills like giant size, powerful kicks, and temporary goal protection.

Face Off and Climb the Ranks:

  • Compete in 1v1 online matches against players from around the world.
  • Climb the league ladder and prove your soccer prowess.
  • Earn rewards and unlock new characters with unique playing styles.

Collect and Customize:

  • Discover a huge variety of characters with distinct appearances and stats.
  • Upgrade your characters to power up their performance.
  • Equip cool accessories and personalize your look to stand out on the field.

More Than Just Kicking:

  • Progress through challenging levels, each with its own unique obstacles and strategies.
  • Collect skill cards for temporary boosts and tactical advantages.
  • Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere with exciting sound effects and commentary.

Whether you’re a seasoned soccer fan or a casual gamer looking for a laugh, Head Ball 2 offers a unique and addictive experience. Download it today and start scoring big!


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