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Head Soccer: D&D Dream Edition

Head Soccer: D&D Dream Edition throws you into an arena where magic and skill rule the pitch. Forget teammates, focus on your own prowess as you master the art of head and foot to outscore your opponent. This ain’t your typical 90-minute snoozefest; think quick-paced duels with diverse game modes for endless replayability.

Key features

Challenge Accepted?

While putting the ball in the net remains the goal, simplicity hides depths. Mastering movement, kicks, and jumps takes dedication. Unleash powerful “Power” shots, but beware – blocking them can leave you worse for wear.

8 Spellbinding Modes:

  • Arcade: Hone your basics against AI foes.
  • Tournament: Rise through the ranks in a classic climb.
  • Survival: Outlast opponents in an ever-toughening gauntlet.
  • League: Dominate weekly seasons for ultimate glory.
  • Head Cup: Conquer themed challenges for unique rewards.
  • Death Mode: One mistake, one life – can you handle the pressure?
  • Fight: Challenge seasoned veterans in intense duels.
  • Multiplayer: Take your skills online and battle real players!

Forge Your Champion:

Upgrade your hero’s Speed, Kick, Jump, Dash, Power, and Survival to become a legend. Don’t hold back – practice makes perfect, and rewards are plentiful.

A Touch of Magic:

  • Unwind with stunning D&D-inspired arenas and character designs.
  • Unleash special abilities for an extra edge (think fiery headbutts!).
  • Collect fantastical pets with unique buffs.

A Few Potions to Note:

  • Some characters require real-world currency.
  • English is the only language available.

Ready to Prove Your Might?

Download Head Soccer: D&D Dream Edition and experience solo soccer like never before! Master the magic, hone your skill, and conquer the arena!


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