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Identity V – Gothic style survival game

Identity V is an online survival game in which your mission is to survive the attacks of a crazed serial killer on the hunt for everyone on your team. This time, players will take on the role of one of many survivors – each with their own special set of skills – or perhaps take on the role of the psychopathic killer himself, with the aim of avoiding capture.


The game starts with a story in which you will be the main character with a clue letter to find the man who lost his daughter. Besides, the letter is not sent to anyone other than yourself and please enter your character’s name in the letter to continue. After that, you will go to a house, where you will start chapter 1 of the game. The house may have been abandoned for about a decade, you will be able to feel the extremely scary gloom when entering this place and you are alone.

The next thing is that you just need to follow the instructions to find clues, discover many mysterious things to find out the terrible truth behind the loss of your daughter’s personality.

Combining detective and role-playing, playing the detective you will follow the clues and discover the terrible truth behind the girl’s disappearance.

However, depending on the game screen, you will play the role of Survivor or Hunter. If you play the role of Survivor, congratulations, you will have to constantly escape from the Hunter with the traps installed. Placed all over the toy map. You can learn more about Survivor here

On the contrary, you play as Hunter, you must hunt down and eliminate Survivors before they can escape. Each Hunter has different skills to assist in tracking down Survivors. Learn more about Hunters here

The character control mechanism is extremely simple with available action buttons such as climbing, running, stopping for Survivor and skills for Hunter in the lower right corner of the screen and in the left corner will be the move button. Move up and down to your liking.

Identity V is one of the horror and survival games worth experiencing because it meets most of the requirements from a mysterious plot, attractive gameplay and realistic graphics with a dark Gothic style. Download the game now to experience it.


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