Jangawar: Multiplayer FPS

Jangawar: Multiplayer FPS

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Available for: Android, iOS,

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Android, iOS,

Jangawar – Online first-person shooter game

Jangawar (JANG) is a first-person shooter with stunning graphics, smooth controls, amazingly realistic environments and maps, a powerful multiplayer system, and many other exciting features. If you like iconic titles developed during the golden age of FPS gaming, you will definitely love Jangawar.

Gameplay of Jangawar

  • PvP multiplayer battles: Team up with friends and other random players around the world or play solo and destroy the enemy. The game offers an intense online shooting experience that gives you a memorable nostalgic feeling.
  • Play the way you want: You can take part in a quick match or a longer gun session in Jangawar. Gamers can customize match settings such as time, map, mode, goals, limits…
  • Classic game modes: The classic shooting game modes you love are available in Jangawar, including Team Death Match, Capture The Flag, Defuse Bomb, Free For All, Domination.
  • Skill-based gameplay: Enjoy classic gameplay where skill is the only factor that determines victory. There will be no paying for advantages or purchasing special in-game items to enhance or assist players. In Jangawar there is only one way to play, learn and win.
  • There is no auto-fire mode: Unlike most other online multiplayer FPS games on the market today that feature an auto-fire mode, Jangawar does not have this auto-fire mode. Gamers will engage in skill-based gameplay and receive rewards or punishments depending on how they perform in the game.
  • Chat text and voice with teammates: You can communicate with friends, teammates, and other players by texting or calling.
  • Global ranking: In Jangawar, your rank will always be at risk of being stolen by other real players. So compete and fight to stay or get better in the global rankings.
  • Establish a clan: You are not alone in Jangawar. Join or create your own clan and join your teammates in online matches. Guilds also have their own rankings. So don’t let your enemies surpass you in the global clan rankings.
Jangawar: Multiplayer FPS

Jangawar: Multiplayer FPS


For: Android, iOS,


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