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KartRider: Drift

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Android, iOS,

KartRider: Drift is a speed kart racing game, where you will enter the race with other competitors, controlling super fast cars on winding and chaotic roads. Quickly show off your driving skills in each race, fight to overcome all opponents, and protect your position.


The control system of the game KartRider: Drift is very simple: Players just need to press the arrows to navigate the car, step on the gas to accelerate or brake to slow down. However, in each race you will see different things that you can throw at your opponents, just like when playing Mario Kart.

Another highlight of KartRider: Drift is that the game has a series of drivers that players can unlock. If you finish first in the races, gamers will receive many rewards with new items and characters.

The graphics and visuals of the game KartRider: Drift are spectacular, designed in 3D in the style of KartRider Rush+, helping you identify winding roads with the highest precision. Thus, just passing through each scene is enough to see the curves in the distance.

Outstanding features of KartRider: Drift

Different game modes

  • Speed Mode: Feel the rush of speed as you enhance and refine your drifting skills.
  • Item Mode: Collect unique items on tracks full of surprises and chaos.

Diverse characters and Karts

  • Meet different KartRider characters and many unique karts.
  • Try out special outfits and emojis to express your personality. Speed down the track with unique karts to conquer the leaderboards in style.

Unlimited customization

  • Show off your personality with the content you love in KartRider: Drift.
  • Design your own kart with the livery system.
  • Control with complete freedom.

Themes and routes with fun settings

  • Race through tracks with twists and turns, specialized challenges and exotic locations.
  • From the scorching desert to the freezing road.
  • Enjoy the scenery as you race through vivid, detailed scenes, rendered with high-quality graphics.

Download the game KartRider Drift and join this exciting kart racing right now! Press the gas pedal and try to overtake all your opponents to reach the checkered flag first, becoming the winner of all Grand Prix events.


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