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About Light-It Up game

Light-It Up is a mobile game developed by CrazyLabs. The game is available on both Android and iOS devices. The game is a 3D endless runner game where players control a stick figure as they jump, flip, and slide through a series of neon-lit obstacles. The goal of the game is to reach as far as possible without falling off the edge of the screen.

Key features

  • Beyond Stickman Parkour: Ditch the traditional parkour hero – in Light-It Up, you embody a determined stickman on a mission to illuminate a mysterious, fading planet. Simple controls belie a deeper challenge: navigate floating platforms with agility and wit to spark these enigmatic objects and restore light to the world.
  • A Universe in Gloom: This distant planet faces a crisis – its life-giving star dims, plunging everything into darkness. Strange, glowing objects offer a glimmer of hope. Touch them, and they ignite, revealing a melody within their light. As you progress, the narrative unfolds, hinting at a profound message about overcoming darkness and finding inner light.
  • Embrace the Bounce: Leap and bound across intricate obstacle courses, channeling your inner parkour master. Each block you touch ignites, filling the world with warmth and sound. Early levels ease you in, but soon, the challenge ramps up, demanding strategic jumps and precise maneuvers.
  • Express Yourself: Ditch the boring stickman! Uncover a wardrobe of diverse costumes, from angelic wings to fiery Saiyan hair, even mischievous zombies. Each skin adds personality and motivates you to progress. Remember, these aren’t free – earn in-game currency to unlock the most dazzling outfits.
  • More Than Just Fun: Light-It Up is more than just a thrilling challenge. It’s a journey of hope and optimism, encouraging you to face life’s dark moments with a positive outlook. Just like touching the glowing objects illuminates the game’s world, embrace positive thoughts to illuminate your own inner light.

If you seek a game that blends lighthearted fun with a touch of mystery and a deeper message, Light-It Up awaits. Embrace the challenge, unlock dazzling costumes, and illuminate a world in need of your spark.


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