Mahjong Treasure Quest

Mahjong Treasure Quest

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Available for: Android, iOS,

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Android, iOS,

Unleash Your Inner Magic with Mahjong Treasure Quest!

Embark on a captivating adventure in Mahjong Treasure Quest, where you become a young sorceress wielding modern magic! This innovative puzzle game combines classic mahjong with unique twists and challenges, offering an experience unlike any other.

Key features

  • Unravel captivating puzzles: Dive into fresh, modern takes on mahjong, with never-before-seen layouts and engaging challenges. Each level unlocks exciting new gameplay mechanics, keeping you hooked and eager for more.
  • Challenge your friends, master the magic: Compete against your friends, strategically selecting opponents and facing off in thrilling matches. Utilize your magic strategically to overcome puzzling scenarios and emerge victorious.
  • Transform your garden into a magical haven: Earn rewards from puzzles and unleash powerful spells to renovate your own garden. Unlock upgrades, charming decorations, and unique plants, crafting a vibrant oasis that reflects your magical personality.
  • Embrace the journey, uncover hidden secrets: As you progress, delve deeper into the game’s enchanting story and uncover its mysteries. Unearth powerful spells, face exciting challenges, and build a legacy as a true magical master.

Mahjong Treasure Quest is more than just a game; it’s an adventure. Dive in, challenge your mind, and unleash the magic within you!

Mahjong Treasure Quest

Mahjong Treasure Quest


For: Android, iOS,


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