Merge Legends: Dragon Island

Merge Legends: Dragon Island

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Android, iOS,

Merge Legends: Unveil a World of Magic and Dragons

Merge Legends transports you to a fantastical realm, igniting thrilling voyages of exploration. Your mission: forge legendary unions throughout your escapade. Embark on your journey of discovery in the enchanting wonderlands, teeming with magic, where you can craft your own narrative. Here, amidst abundant magic, you’re free to undertake exploration and adventure quests. Yet, establishing a thriving city to nurture legendary pets would prove most beneficial. Brace yourself for the trials of adventure and the allure of discovery upon entering a new realm.

Key features

Unfold Your Legendary Merges:

  • Dive into a magical world where everything can be combined, from wood to mythical eggs.
  • Witness legendary dragons hatch from your merges, becoming your loyal companions.
  • Build your own enchanting story as you explore breathtaking wonderlands filled with magic.

Craft Your Flourishing City:

  • Develop a magnificent city alongside your majestic pets.
  • Cultivate vibrant, magical flowers that hold hidden powers.
  • Construct enchanting homes for you and your loyal dragon companions.

Dragon Islands Await:

  • Uncover multiple islands teeming with mystical dragons, each holding incredible power.
  • Conquering challenges grants you ownership of these legendary creatures.
  • Create windmills to dispel the fog and unlock vast continents brimming with discovery.
  • Each continent offers unique missions to hone your skills and claim legendary rewards.

Meet Unforgettable Characters:

  • Share your adventure with quirky and diverse inhabitants, like hardworking dwarf elves and enthusiastic food fanatics.
  • Become the proud commander of your hatched dragons, forming an unstoppable trio.
  • Together, write unforgettable stories of discovery and conquest with these unique companions.

A Treasure Trove of Features:

  • Over 600 captivating items await your merging touch, allowing you to craft your ideal island.
  • Combine 3 matching items to create powerful upgrades, or merge 5 for even greater rewards.
  • Discover and befriend 13 awe-inspiring dragons, each with unique abilities.
  • Master the art of culinary delights with over 60 scrumptious dishes to unlock.

Download Merge Legends today and begin your legendary adventure!

Merge Legends: Dragon Island

Merge Legends: Dragon Island


For: Android, iOS,


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