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Mob Control: Conquer the Empire with your Stickman Army

Mob Control is an exciting arcade-style game that throws you into a colorful war between blue and red stickmen. As the commander of your own blue army, your goal is to amass a giant force and crush the enemy base.

Key features

Your Unique Weapon: The Color Cannon

Your secret weapon is a special cannon that fires stickmen. By aiming the cannon through colorful portals, you can multiply your troops, growing your army exponentially. The portals come in different colors, each offering a unique boost to your numbers. However, aiming at the higher multipliers requires greater precision and skill.

Strategize and Conquer

The key to victory in Mob Control is strategic thinking. You’ll need to consider the enemy’s attack patterns, the placement of portals, and the best trajectory for your cannonballs to maximize your force. Remember, it’s not just about brute strength; it’s about using your wit and tactics to outsmart your opponent.

Beware the Red Gates!

While conquering the enemy base is your ultimate goal, watch out for the red gates! These portals spawn enemy reinforcements and can quickly turn the tide of battle against you. Be sure to prioritize destroying them before they cause too much trouble.

Evolving Challenges

As you progress through Mob Control’s hundreds of levels, the difficulty ramps up. Expect increasingly complex mazes, cunning enemy tactics, and even portals that move around, making it harder to aim your cannon. But don’t worry, a true commander can adapt and overcome any obstacle!

Are you ready to lead your blue stickman army to victory? Download Mob Control today and experience the thrill of strategic conquest!


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