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NASCAR Manager

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NASCAR Manager – Manage a legendary racing team

NASCAR Manager is a racing management game from Hutch Games, now available for Android devices. Get ready to join the virtual racing tracks and immerse yourself in this vibrant world of excitement right now! Hutch Games is a quite famous publisher, known for other racing games such as F1 Clash, Puzzle Heist, and Forza Customs.


As the manager of your own NASCAR racing team, it’s your role to make every decision in NASCAR Manager, a strategic racing game unlike anything you’ve played before. Gamer participates in 1v1 races competing with the world’s top racers, providing countless opportunities for you to show off your abilities, in weekly, monthly tournaments or head-to-head matches.

Will you race smartly, saving fuel and tires at the end of the race, or will you urge the driver to accelerate to full throttle as soon as you leave the starting line? The ultimate goal is to win and get great rewards for your team by climbing the leaderboards, winning tournaments and waving the checkered flag. The glory earned is worthy of the fierce competition you have undertaken.

Every choice you make counts when the race is tight. Make quick decisions while competing with others in a PvP racing game. Take control of the race, outwit your opponents and enjoy delicious victory from cleverly applied strategies.

Prove your talent and decide your own destiny by hiring and developing drivers for NASCAR. Create your dream team with special custom designs, then get to work fine-tuning your race car.

To win in NASCAR Manager, you need a plan in addition to speed. Create pit-stop schedules (stops for refueling, new tyres, repairs, mechanical adjustments), maintain composure under pressure and respond to warnings, take cover from teammates, stage points and playoff goal. To ensure your desired victory, push your vehicle’s performance to the maximum and perform excellent tactical maneuvers.


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