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Dive into the Thrilling World of Neo Monsters: Capture, Train, and Battle!

Unleash your inner monster trainer in Neo Monsters, a captivating RPG adventure teeming with hundreds of unique creatures. This simple yet engaging game has won over countless players with its charming charm and strategic depth.

Key features

Embark on a heroic journey:

  • Become a renowned monster hunter, building a formidable collection of over 1600 diverse monsters.
  • Train and unleash your monstrous arsenal in epic 4v4 battles against formidable foes.
  • Traverse six expansive worlds, each brimming with breathtaking landscapes and thrilling challenges.

The latest update ignites the flame of adventure:

  • Open 10 friend chests at once, unlocking exciting possibilities for team customization.
  • Master the new timer system, strategizing battles with precision and control.

Embrace the rhythm of training and combat:

  • Hunt and capture monsters across 16 distinct worlds.
  • Train your champions, honing their skills for fierce tournament battles.
  • Outsmart cunning opponents with diverse strategies and team synergy.

Inherit a legacy and rise to monster-training greatness:

  • Take over your uncle’s monster farm, embarking on a path of legendary proportions.
  • Craft your own destiny, becoming the most revered trainer in the land.

Encounter a symphony of adorable monsters:

  • From fluffy companions to fearsome warriors, each monster boasts unique designs and abilities.
  • Discover hidden potential within your monstrous allies as you explore and evolve their powers.

Forge an unbeatable squad:

  • Assemble a strategic 4-monster team for every battle, tailoring your lineup to each challenge.
  • Master the art of synchronization, unleashing devastating combos and overwhelming your opponents.

Conquer diverse battlefields:

  • Unleash the fury of Timestrike, sending foes reeling with lightning-fast attacks.
  • Employ cunning tactics like Dreamhunt, draining your opponent’s energy while they slumber.

Explore, conquer, and become a legend:

  • Embark on breathtaking journeys across six vibrant worlds.
  • Test your mettle in 140+ online missions, reaping epic rewards and honing your skills.
  • Ascend to the top in 6 grueling space tournaments, claiming ultimate glory as the champion.

Engage in epic PvP battles:

  • Clash in intense 4v4 battles, outsmarting and overpowering your rivals.
  • Challenge fellow trainers in heart-pounding 1v1 duels, proving your individual monster mastery.
  • Earn incredible rewards through weekend events, solidifying your position as a PvP powerhouse.

Neo Monsters beckons you to a world of adventure, strategy, and endless possibilities. Will you answer the call and become the ultimate monster trainer?


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