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Pocket World 3D – Super puzzle game

Pocket World 3D – one of the most popular puzzle game genres today with creative gameplay, suitable for architecture enthusiasts who want to find games for short-term entertainment.


When starting, players will have the right to choose the architecture they want to build. Then, the Player will combine the architectural pieces and assemble them in order from inside to outside, from bottom to top to complete the full architecture.

Depending on whether each image you choose has too many details or not, the difficulty will be similar. You will assemble available pieces to create appropriate architecture. There are architectures that require you to build diverse details from the interior to the overall exterior. Believe me, you will definitely be very satisfied with the gameplay of this game.

After each level, the name of the structure will appear and the player can get more information about that structure such as history and details. This is great because you will know what you just created, right?

Graphics – sound

Exquisite 3D animation graphics, quite realistic down to each detail assembled into a complete architectural block.The effect when successfully assembling the architecture, the player can rotate to assemble and when finished, it will be saved in the game data for you to collect the product you just completed.

The music has a melodious rhythm according to each stage, creating a pleasant and relaxing feeling, especially instrumental music that stimulates concentration.

Pocket World 3D is the choice of many players who like graphics, architecture or parents who want their children to be creative, stimulate color thinking and senses. In addition, the gameplay of the game is also extremely attractive. Download the game now


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