Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad

Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad

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Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad: Survival in the vast ocean

Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad takes players on a dangerous journey across the vast ocean. This mobile survival game combines elements of survival, exploration, and crafting to deliver an immersive experience in a seemingly endless ocean setting.


You will play a character who must survive at sea using a small, simple raft with very few remaining items. The drifting raft will take you through unfamiliar seas with harsh survival situations.

Each survival game has its own world with its own difficulties and challenges. Raft Survival is created with an unlimited number of worlds. You will explore islands in the Pacific, coral reefs… You will never encounter two worlds that are the same, you can create completely new and random worlds at any time in game. game.

To survive, you need to collect items floating on the sea such as boards, ropes, chests, barrels, etc. using the fishing hooks available on the raft. Besides, there are always dangers lurking for you both at sea and on deserted islands.

The biggest danger you encounter are sharks. Usually, the shark starts causing trouble after a while, it can bite wooden rafts, other objects… Although it is impossible at first, but after making a weapon, you will be able to punish it. It. However, the task of protecting yourself becomes more difficult as the wooden raft gets larger. Other components also need protection, such as water purifiers and cooking pots

In addition, hunting sharks at sea or exploring on deserted islands will help you have more food and water to maintain life and discover secrets around the island.

You may encounter ferocious creatures or cannibal tribes living on the island. Fight and find the secret, and become the king of that island.

In addition to its interesting survival gameplay, Raft Survival also possesses quite beautiful 3D graphics. The water effects and objects in the game are quite detailed, besides the animals under the sea are also designed quite similar to real life.

Things you need to know to survive in Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad

  • Mastering fishing hooks: Fishing hooks are one of the most useful and important tools, helping you collect valuable items floating on the sea such as wood, drinking water, leaves, plastic pieces, wood pieces, and metal pieces. types,… When you master your hook, the items you can get will be more numerous and easier. Thanks to that, you can create more tools and build your sea empire more quickly.
  • Food and water: Water and food are your source of life. You need to create fresh water to drink thanks to a seawater boiler. Next will be food, the amount of food in the sea is not as abundant as on land, you need to immediately make a fishing rod to fish. Raw fish can still be eaten, but cooked food will restore more energy, stay hungry longer, and save the small amount of food at sea.
  • Prevent shark attacks: Don’t foolishly touch and destroy sharks in the early stages. The price to pay is dropping items, wasting time, effort and even life. Crafting a crude wooden spear also aids in repelling them when they try to bite your raft. Pay attention to the shark’s back, if they have a lot of scratches, it means they are weakening, you will be able to kill them easily and quickly. Shark meat provides a lot of energy, take advantage of this nutritional source.
  • Reserves: In Raft Survival, all things in the sea have their own uses. But to make it, the number of ingredients will gradually increase depending on the complexity of the item. You need to reserve raw materials that you collect at sea or on islands for use in case of need.
  • Expand your raft: Pay attention to the condition of your raft. Upgrading and expanding the raft in height and width will give you more storage space. Especially, you can easily pick up free materials such as wood, plastic pieces, wood pieces, metal pieces,… right on the sea to upgrade your raft.

General review of the game


  • The battle for survival in the vast ocean, with dangers lurking.
  • Explore islands across the ocean in Raft Survival
  • Connect with friends and overcome the challenge of survival on the high seas together.
  • Fight, survive and explore the mysteries of the vast ocean.


  • Some players may find some missions in Raft Survival repetitive over time
  • Although the game offers exploration elements, the variety of islands and locations to explore should be expanded to provide a more varied experience.

Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad is truly an extremely interesting game for those who want to try survival at sea. The game brings a clearer view of the beauty and harshness that the sea brings to those who challenge it. Download and try it now to get more detailed feelings about this interesting game.

Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad

Raft Survival – Ocean Nomad


For: Android, iOS,


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