Rage Road – Car Shooting Game

Rage Road – Car Shooting Game

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Available for: Android, iOS,

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Android, iOS,

Embrace the Thrill of the Highway Chase in Rage Road!

Strap in for a high-octane pursuit as you take on the role of a skilled agent tasked with cleaning up the chaos on the highway. Rage Road isn’t just about driving – it’s about precision, strategy, and outsmarting your adversaries.

Key features

Face Off Against Reckless Renegades:

  • Encounter dangerous criminals who sow havoc on the highways.
  • Put your marksmanship to the test and take down enemies one by one.
  • Restore peace to the asphalt, one perfectly placed shot at a time.

Sharpen Your Skills as a Master Agent:

  • Command your agent with a cool, white aesthetic and a black suit.
  • Let the automatic driving take care of the wheel, while you focus on aiming.
  • Master the art of combo takedowns and efficient ammo management.

Adapt and Conquer Diverse Challenges:

  • Navigate through a variety of levels with unique objectives and enemy configurations.
  • Utilize cover and environmental elements to your advantage.
  • Choose your targets wisely – dismantle entire vehicles or eliminate key figures.

Unleash Your Inner Gearhead:

  • Unlock a diverse arsenal of weapons, each with its own stats and stylish skins.
  • Customize your ride with paint, accessories, and more to express your personal flair.
  • Collect rewards and open chests to discover new agent costumes and car upgrades.

Rage Road isn’t just a game – it’s an adrenaline-pumping experience where strategic takedowns and thrilling chases collide. So, buckle up, agent, and prepare to reclaim the highway!

Rage Road – Car Shooting Game

Rage Road – Car Shooting Game


For: Android, iOS,


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