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Rider Worlds – Action style racing game

Welcome to Rider Worlds – the sequel to the legendary Rider game (which has been downloaded more than 100 million times worldwide). This is a physics-based 2D motorcycle driving simulation game that takes you to a unique world of fast-paced dashes, jumps, and somersaults.


You will be delighted with completely new 3D graphics, promoting your skills in controlling your “iron horse” through the worlds of Rider Worlds. Each offers a fun driving experience, offering plenty of content for you to unlock.

Choose one of 18 unique vehicles and set out to overcome 150 adventurous challenges. Beautify your favorite motorcycle with over 144 custom designs and finishes to make it one-of-a-kind. This racing action game attracts players through a scoring competition system that measures how far you can go. At the same time, you can unleash your creativity in customizing your trip.

This advice holds true for most games, including Rider Worlds. This means, you definitely can’t become a top player right away, even though the controls and gameplay of Rider Worlds are so basic that anyone can do it. Of course, those who have played the first version of Rider will more easily get used to some aspects of the game such as acceleration, deceleration, and rotation speed when the vehicle is on the ground.

Besides, spending more time on the track can give you a better understanding of what to expect. Each path is laid out differently and has boosters and traps scattered about, with each playthrough bringing new challenges for you to face.

Are you ready? Download the game now, upgrade your skills to the next level in Rider Worlds


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