Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG

Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG

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Available for: Android, iOS,

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Android, iOS,

Rise as the Shadow Knight: Unraveling Darkness in Harmonia

Embark on a thrilling journey as the descendant of a legendary hero clan in Shadow Knight! Wield your omnipotent power and mystical sword as you traverse diverse lands, battling evil and uncovering the mysteries of Harmonia, a realm teeming with powerful gods. Your destiny lies in:

  • Unveiling the secrets of Harmonia: Dive into a compelling narrative interwoven with darkness. Learn about the enigmatic land and its inhabitants, from gods to mythical creatures.
  • Slaying the forces of darkness: Engage in fast-paced combat against a bestiary of enemies – zombies, monsters, skeletons, and formidable bosses. Master your combat skills and unlock powerful attacks to vanquish evil.
  • Fulfilling the Almighty’s will: Accept challenging quests and embark on a noble mission to restore balance to Harmonia. Your actions will forge your legend and determine the fate of this mystical realm.

The Awakening Update:

  • Unleash your true potential: The awakening feature grants you immense power during battles, turning the tide against powerful enemies.
  • Dominate the arena: Experience streamlined arena battles with a new turn-based system for even more strategic combat.

A Hero’s Arsenal:

  • Master versatile combat: Command your hero with intuitive on-screen controls and unleash devastating combos to crush your foes.
  • Forge your legend: Craft and upgrade a diverse arsenal of weapons and equipment to suit your unique fighting style.
  • Claim your glory: Conquer over 100 achievements and ascend the ranks of the hero clan, your triumphs recorded in the annals of Harmonia.

Answer the call of heroism: Shadow Knight awaits, beckoning you to step into the shadows and become the champion Harmonia needs. Will you rise to the challenge and illuminate the darkness?

Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG

Shadow Knight: Ninja Game RPG


For: Android, iOS,


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