Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light

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Android, iOS,

Sky: Children of Light: A Journey to Rekindle the Stars

Sky: Children of Light invites you on a breathtaking adventure to reunite fallen stars with their celestial homes. Explore seven realms, each whispering hidden stories and ancient mysteries. Soar through cloudscapes on your cape, a luminous beacon weaving light into the world.

Key features

Unlocking the Winding Path:

Embark on thrilling quests to restore the forgotten pathway, a winding artery connecting all you’ve discovered. Navigate ethereal skies, reminiscing about past journeys as you piece together the realm’s intricate map.

The Child Awakened:

Once, eternal starlight bathed the world. But darkness crept in, scattering stars across the clouds. Yet, hope remained – they yearned to return. Enter you, the destined child awakened by celestial prayers. Your mission: traverse inner realms, gather lost souls, and reignite the constellations.

A World Brimming with Interaction:

Step through portals pulsating with vibrant hues. A world unfolds before you, painted in breathtaking lighting and captivating colors. Meet kindred spirits, their stories unfolding with each encounter. Unveil winged lights, fueling your soaring adventures, their levels marking your celestial ascent.

Whispers of Forgotten Souls:

Within the Sky, a winged artifact awaits. But its power remains dormant until you liberate scattered spirits. Seek them out, their ethereal forms tethered to earthen husks. Rekindle their essence, watch them transform, and witness them ascend to the sacred shrine.

Unraveling the Mural’s Tapestry:

As spirits ascend, their stories come alive. Murals ignite, whispering tales of joy, sorrow, and courage. Immerse yourself in their tapestry, piecing together the history of this enchanting world. Interact with your awakened companions, forging profound bonds through expressive gestures.

Constellations Arise:

With each spirit freed, the Sky’s heart awakens. Venture deep into the shrine, unveil the hidden statue, and commune with a celestial entity. Witness the cosmos respond, as fallen stars reunite, forming dazzling constellations across the night sky.

Soaring with Companions:

Sky’s magic is amplified by shared experiences. Invite your friends through the portal of a Qr code, weaving a luminous tapestry of shared adventures. Together, explore, uncover, and reignite the stars, building memories that shimmer brighter than any constellation.

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light


For: Android, iOS,


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