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4.5 – Adorable snakes – Snake Games is a snake hunting game familiar to many people. Coming to the game, you will be transformed into a small snake looking for food, evolving into a giant snake over time and defeating other players in the game with your long and large body.


Like the famous snake hunting game, the player’s task is to control the snake to eat glowing particles to grow bigger and become giant snakes. In addition to the available glowing orbs scattered around, when destroying your opponent’s snakes.

To do that, during the move you can accelerate and block, circle other snakes and defeat them. When the snake’s head hits any part of your snake’s body or you bump into another snake, the snake will disappear and leave behind a strip of multi-colored light beads, as long as the snake’s length. Try to eat those bright seeds as quickly as possible to grow faster and pay attention to other snakes that are also watching.

Another interesting feature is that you can freely name, choose the color and shape of your snake

Instructions on how to play

So that you can easily get acquainted, has also provided you with 2 game modes:

  • SinglePlayer: An offline play mode that does not require an internet connection to help you get used to it when you first start. You will move and eat light seeds, eliminating snakes controlled by machines in the game
  • MultiPlayer: Once you get used to it, you can join this mode to confront many other players, the challenge will also increase a lot compared to SinglePlayer mode.

Controlling your snake in is very simple, by moving your finger on the screen in the desired direction. To accelerate, touch and hold the screen, the snake will accelerate until you release your hand.

General review of the game


  • combines the essence of the classic snake game while infusing it with modern graphics
  • Real-time multiplayer mode
  • The controls are easy to grasp


  • Not supported on iOS yet

In short, is an engaging mobile game that successfully revives the classic snake genre. With addictive gameplay, vibrant graphics, and insane multiplayer, this is a must-download for anyone looking for a fun and challenging gaming experience. Download now and embark on an exciting adventure, develop your body and destroy them all – Snake Games – Snake Games


For: Android,


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