Squad Alpha – Action Shooting

Squad Alpha – Action Shooting

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Available for: Android, iOS,

Android - iOS
Android, iOS,

Squad Alpha: Tiny Agents, Big Battles!

Looking for an action game with exciting combat and adorable characters? Look no further than Squad Alpha! This top-down shooter throws you into quick-paced battles against tiny thugs, offering a charming twist on the classic action genre.

Key features

Clear the City, One Adorable Brawl at a Time:

  • Rescue the city: You’re the hero tasked with ridding your neighborhood of pesky villains armed with hammers and knives.
  • Tactical advantage: Unlike your foes, you have powerful guns, letting you keep a safe distance and rain down justice.
  • Over 200 levels: Each level brings new challenges, requiring different strategies and weapons to overcome.
  • Epic boss battles: Test your skills against over 20 unique bosses with advanced skills, proving your bravery and resilience.

Gear Up and Customize:

  • 30+ modern guns: Build your arsenal with pistols, rifles, SMGs, and even the mighty M298 and AK47.
  • Grenades for extra punch: Unleash devastating attacks on groups of enemies and clear the way to victory.
  • Customize your loadout: Choose the weapons that suit your playstyle and dominate the battlefield.
  • Upgrade your agent: Spend your hard-earned rewards on new outfits, power-ups, and enhanced stats.

Explore and Loot:

  • Hidden chests: Discover hidden chests in each level, packed with valuable loot like guns, ammo, and gold coins.
  • Strategic choices: Fight the guards protecting the chests or quickly grab the loot and escape before they catch you.
  • Constant movement: Keep moving and strategize your attacks to complete levels within the time limit.

A Unique and Charming Experience:

  • Adorable characters: Play as a tiny, humorous agent with a unique design and expressive animations.
  • Colorful graphics: Enjoy vibrant visuals that set Squad Alpha apart from other action games.
  • For all ages: The charming visuals and simple gameplay make it accessible to players of all ages.

Squad Alpha is more than just shooting bad guys; it’s a strategic and action-packed adventure with a unique twist. Download it today and join the fight for justice!

Squad Alpha – Action Shooting

Squad Alpha – Action Shooting


For: Android, iOS,


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