Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run

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Android, iOS,

Talking Tom Gold Run – Chase the thief with Tom

Talking Tom Gold Run is a game that uniquely combines the virtual pet genre and non-stop running, bringing fun experiences as Tom the cat chases the golden weasel and is full of drama on a running track similar to Temple. Run.


At the beginning of Talking Tom Gold Run, you and Tom will chase a weasel thief who secretly hides behind the house. When being chased, the weasel will drop the gold bars. Chasing after the weasel, Tom will collect gold bars to upgrade his wonderful house. The more you run, the more your skills increase, and the player will be able to become an excellent runner and collect the most gold.

Belonging to the endless runner genre, the running path will be unlimited. If you fail at any stage, you can still start over and conquer a new record. The track will change obstacles continuously, you will have to identify and use appropriate skills such as moving back and forth, jumping, ducking,… along with combined skills such as flying a plane, sliding a carriage. trains,… to maintain running routes.

The game has an attractive racing system with other players, players will be paired with 2 other random players. You can invite friends to play to increase fun and competition.

The more gold you collect, the better your chance to build a bigger house and complete missions that then open up new characters and scenes. Or you can also use loot to open, thereby creating new experiences with the game that make players more excited.

In addition to the gold-picking chases, the game also has a boss fight, and the boss here is none other than a thieving weasel. The player will dodge obstacles and use the weasel arrow boom to throw it back. This is an interesting and dramatic level.

Your house has been robbed. Explore this endless running game to help TOM the cat and his friends catch the thief and recover the stolen gold. Explore new worlds, different running styles and get up to speed on the run. Complete the track and build your dream house. Download Talking Tom Gold Run now!!!

Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run


For: Android, iOS,


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